400 Series Coupler

It couples 400 Series rods. What else do you want to know?


400M Series SWL:      1,500 lbs

400 Series SWL:        3,000 lbs

Sigma 400 Series Coupler.jpg

400 Series Coil Coupler

Made with custom drawn wire and extra long thread engagement, the coil coupler increases the capacity of the standard 400 Series couplers


400M Series SWL:      2,250 lbs

400 Series SWL:        4,000 lbs

400 Series Coil Coupler

Rebar Hook

Sigma rebar hooks allow easy single sided forming for large foundation pours  which greatly reduce the amount of tie length needed.

Please notify appropriate parties that you will be hooking on to the reinforcing cage and that proper precautions have been made to ensure structural integrity of the cage. Consult your individual project engineer before use.

400M Series SWL:  1,500 lbs
400 Series SWL:     3,000 lbs
700 Series SWL:     5,000 lbs

Rebar Hook.jpg

400 Series Swivel Lag Bolt

The Sigma Swivel Lag Bolt (SLB) is a 5" x 3/4" lag bolt with our custom coil loop attached to allow a bit of movement when installing the fiberglass tie. The limitation is typically the wood in which the lag bolt is installed into so please consult the appropriate engineering guides when designing with the Sigma SLB.

To install the lag bolt, drill a pilot hole with a 1/2" diameter bit and at least a 4" depth. Use a lubricating film on the threads of the lag bolt to ease installation torque. Do not use the coil loop to install the bolt. Use the hex head.


400M Series SWL:      2,000 lbs

400 Series SWL:        3,000 lbs


Swivel Wing Nuts

Sigma's Cast Wing Nut and Swivel washer have been designed to be used as a single piece and maximize loads using just a single nut. The SWN are designed to be installed like traditional swivel wing nuts so no learning curve or special tools are required.

Safe Working Loads (2:1)

800 Series:    18,000 lbs

1000 Series:  25,000 lbs

cast wing nut.jpg

Water Stops

Sigma’s water stops are hydrophilic which means they swell and seal when they come into contact with water. A minimum of 3” cover should be used when using Sigma’s water stops to prevent concrete spalling. Sigma water stops are available for all sizes of Sigma Ties. This system is by far the easiest way to install water tight form ties in any waste water or water holding tank application.

Sigma Waterstop.jpg

EuroShe Coupler

Sigma Euro She Couplers are designed to be buried through the formwork in the concrete pour like a traditional she bolt. The length of the Euro Rod can be specified for a custom length she bolt tail. The length of the she bolt can be infinitely variable depending on the length of Sigma Tie Series which would be utlized. This is a great option for mass foundation pours as there is no need to patch and no worries about corrosion. It also works exceedingly well combined with the rebar hook for mass foundation pours.


Sigma Euro She Coupler.jpg

Hex Coupler

Sigma Hex Couplers are designed with 1" coil rod and couple to the Sigma 800 and 1000 Series form ties. This coupler is designed to be used on the back side of aluminum beam style form systems, especially in radiused walls of water storage applications to greatly reduce the scrap fiberglass tie that would be generated. This allows the fiberglass to still be used as the inner rod, with a waterstop, to create a very inexpensive and water tight form tie.

800 Series SWL:   18,000 lbs

1000 Series SWL: 25,000 lbs