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Labor is the highest cost when it comes to patching tie holes in any water tight application.


Sigma Fiberglass Ties are the most cost effective option for creating a water tight form tie when combined with our 

hydrophilic swelling water stops. Water tight tie patching is a thing of the past.


Using non shrink grout, plug, or patching a she bolt inner rod creates a cold joint with the surrounding concrete. 


The only labor required is the labor needed to cut the tie flush to the face of the concrete.  

Non Standard Wall Sections >18"

Never order a custom snap tie or have your pencil rod cat heads slip again! 

If your job has concrete sections that have various non standard thickness, Sigma Fiberglass Ties give all the benefit of traditional coil rod with the easy of finishing of a fiberglass tie. Simply cut to the desired length on site, form, strip, and cut flush to the face of the concrete.

Sigma Fiberglass ties have been used in this application on a variety of projects from Post Tension high rise projects to highway traffic barriers to large mat foundations replacing traditional pencil rod.


Architectural Concrete

Using Sigma Fiberglass Ties are common practice in architectural concrete applications. The Sigma Fiberglass Tie is cut flush to the face and blends into the surrounding board form or form lined concrete creating a seamless or tieless wall look. CAN YOU FIND THE TIES???


The non corrosive nature of the tie ensures there will be no unsightly rust stains for the lift of the wall. 

Corrosive Environments

If you have ever had a call back for rust stains on your concrete walls, or simply don't want to have to worry about it, Sigma Fiberglass Ties are the perfect solution for this application!


Sigma Fiberglass Ties are made from a robust Vinylester Resin which is proven to have the longest term durability in the most corrosive environments found on Earth.  

Restricted Access

When walls are formed where subsequent removal of snap tie heads and patching are extremely difficult or impossible or pulling of she bolts, taper ties, or euro rods are not possible, Sigma Fiberglass ties are a great option. 


All that is required to finish the tie is a battery powered grinder. 


Often times, the carpentry crew can finish the ties without the need for a subsequent finishing crew to snap, sack and patch saving all that labor and material cost. 

Single Side Forming

Sigma Fiberglass Ties have been used to single side form in various applications. 


Sigma Rebar Hooks are a great option for large mat foundations to eliminate running tie dozens to hundreds of feet across the form. 


Sigma Fiberglass Ties can also been epoxied anchored in lieu of drop in anchors for single side forming. It is recommended to have a minimum concrete strength of 2500 psi and an embedment depth of 1.6x the length of the nuts used the other side of the tie.  

High Labor Cost

Sigma Fiberglass Ties take just seconds to finish once the forms are stripped with no additional patching compound needed. There is no longer a need to sack and patch, plug and grout, or finish any other type of form tie. All you need is a battery powered angle grinder.

If you consider that the wage range of a skilled concrete carpenter with all fringes included can vary from $40 - >$80/hr depending on region and union, a water tight patch where a push cone and PVC tube was used can cost up towards $40-50/tie location after product and labor cost! There will be huge savings using the Sigma Ties once these costs are taken into consideration. 



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