This estimating tool is to help determine product quantities. All final form work design should be signed off by the appropriate project engineer. The 400 Series form pressure in this calculator is based off ACI 347-14 equation 2.2.   The 700 / 1000 Series Calculator is based off ACI 347-14 equation 2.3.
The concrete volume calculator is estimate how much concrete is needed and how fast it will fill a particular form based on user inputs. This will help determine vertical pour rates, form pressure (PSF) and tie pressure (pounds of pressure on each tie).

Safe Working Loads (2:1)

400 Series Single Nut                      3,000 lbs

400 Series Single Nut + Jamb          4,000 lbs

400 Series Double Nut                     5,000 lbs

400M Series (Modular) Single Nut    1,500 lbs

400M Series Single + Jamb               2,000 lbs

400M Series Double Nut                   3,000 lbs​

700 Series Single Nut                 8,000 lbs

700 Series Double Nut              16,000 lbs

800 Series Single Nut               18,000 lbs

1000 Series Single Nut             25,000 lbs

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